Paying Your Bills



Service Provided:

Electricity, Water, Sewer and Trash (Sales tax applicable to electricity)

Billing Information:

Statements are for services provided from approximately the 20th of the month to approximately  the 20th of the following month, and are payable the first day of the following month and shall be paid by the 10th of each month.  On or after the 11th day of the month, if statement is not paid in full, a 10% penalty shall be added.  The city office personnel is instructed to make no phone calls to remind the customer of a delinquent bill.  Any statement remaining unpaid for more than ten days after the due date shall cause the meters to be disconnected forthwith. To again obtain service, all bills and penalties shall be paid in full, together with a meter reconnect fee of $25 during working hours,  after 4:00 pm or on the weekend an additional $20 fee will be charged before the meter can be re-connected and an additional or new deposit may be required.  To discontinue service, the customer is responsible to notify city office personnel to discontinue services, which require the customer’s signature, the date of disconnect, and the customer’s new forwarding address.


Customers may request that their monthly statement be automatically withdrawn on the 10th day of each month from their financial institution.  If the 10th day of the month falls on a weekend the withdrawal will take place on the following Monday.  All ACH customers will receive a copy of the statement on approximately the first day of the month.

Online / Credit Card Payment

The City of Holyoke will accept credit and debit card payments for utility bill and deposit fees. These may be processed online at Through a call center 24/7/365 with bilingual agents at 1-888-604-7888. Or pay at the City desk. There are fees involved with these options.

Utility Deposit:

A deposit ($300 Residential or $400 Commercial) is required of all new customers, together with a $10 connect fee ($30 after hours), at the time service is requested.  Additional deposit amounts may be required for past customers who have had any outstanding debts in the past. Deposits may be refunded back to the customer’s account after one year, if the account is paid in full, on time, each month within a twelve month period, and if the customer was not a previous customer on the city’s outstanding debt or write off list. Previous customer falling into this category will not receive their deposit refund until the customer’s account is final and paid in full.

Transfer Fee:

A $10 transfer fee is required when a current customer moves and requests service at a new  location. An additional $20 fee is required if service is requested after the utility department’s regular business hours.

Nonconforming Mobile Homes and / or Mobile Home Parks:

Let this serve as notification to owners and renters of nonconforming mobile homes that special rules apply to their continued use.

Policy Agreement:

By signing the Application for Service the customer does hereby agree to the policies as listed above.