The Holyoke Police Department provides, patrol, investigations, traffic, accident investigations, and many other services.


The Holyoke Police Department is comprised of the Chief of Police, a Sergeant, and two patrol officers. The Police Department provides patrol services, traffic safety contacts, and respond for calls for service within the City of Holyoke. In 2016 Holyoke Police Department responded to over 3400 calls for service.


The Holyoke Police Department investigates all personal and property crimes that are reported within the City of Holyoke. All officers of the Holyoke Police Department are trained as criminal investigators.


Holyoke Police Department conducts regular traffic patrols within the City of Holyoke. Holyoke Police Officers enforce traffic laws within the city of Holyoke. Safety and school zone patrols are conducted on a daily basis. Traffic accidents within the City of Holyoke are investigated by the Holyoke Police Department.

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